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Beste Gürsu

International Art Consultant and Curator

F. Beste Gürsu is the founder of Art And Life Gallery / Project / Production and founder member/chairwoman of the board of directors of IKASD Istanbul Intercultural Art Dialogue Association.

F. Beste (Dürüst) Gürsu graduated from İstanbul Printing Vocational High School in 1980 and then studied graphic design in Hannover, Germany. She is an international trainer of Bob Ross landscape and flower painting.

Between 1989-1996, she had worked on glass art in atelier of İrfan Yılmaz.

In 1997, She established Atelier Mosaic, which was established for the first time in Istanbul and taught by the precious trainers in the traditional and modern art areas. between 1997 / 2004, more than 1000 art lovers, who have been devoted to art from all ages, had been trained.

Since 2003, she has been working as a cultural and art consultant of M. Kamil Dürüst Bey Library.

In 2004; Atelier Mosaic had involved under the brand of Art And Life. She published magazine of the Art And Life which includes domestic and international artists and all disciplines of art from traditional to contemporary as a concession owner and editor.

Since 2004, she has been working on international festivals, fields of theater – cinema and music by presenting projects on international platforms by opening the door to Turkish and foreign artists within Art And Life Gallery / Project / Production as a founder.

In 2007, she founded The Marmara Pera Gallery Art And Life.

F. Beste (Dürüst) Gürsu took part İn the process of setting up Çırağan Palace Kempinski Art Gallery in 2008 and she opened the exhibitions of Glazed Ships With The Late Chief Sıtkı in the 550th Years of İstanbul’s conquest, El Ixir with Ahmet Güneştekin, The Colors Of Urban with Yiğit Yazıcı, Ebr-Istanbul with Hikmet Barutçugil.

Between the years 2009-2015, she had worked İn the Presidency of Beyoğlu Municipality as an Foreign Relations and International Culture And Art Advisor.

She is the founder member of IKASD, Istanbul Intercultural Art Dialogue Association founded in 2012,
IKASD. She Continues her work As Chairwoman Of The Board Of Directors. (İkasd Was Established With The Mission Of İntroducing Turkey’s Culture, Art And The Artists Correctly On The İnternational Platforms At The Right Time By Transferring The Experiences Gained With The Name Of “The World’s Cultural Capital Istanbul” With The Proposal Of M. Kamil Dürüst, The Honorary President.

Since 2014, She İs A Member Of The Unesco Turkey Most / Intercultural Dialogue Committee.

F. Beste (Dürüst) Gürsu undertook the management of M. Kamil Dürüst Bey Library with the same year of his father M. Kamil Dürüst Bey’s decease.

She continues her works with over 300 Turkish And foreign artists from different disciplines df art in Turkey and international platforms by realizing projects as a Curator, Consultant And Project Coordinator (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Japan, USA, Tanzania, Qatar,…).

In 2015, she has realized the “16th Century Genius Matrakçı Nasuh’‘ project which continues its tour across 3 Continents, 9 Countries, 10 Cities under The Auspices of The Presidency of The Republic of Turkey.

In order to reach and provide services to the larger masses on behalf of M. Kamil Dürüst, the M. Kamil Dürüst Bey Library, the archive of Ottoman artifacts and photograph collections abroad, which she managed in 2018. She donated it to The Republic Of Turkey Presidential Library. She continues her studies on projects focusing on Turkish culture, history and art within the scope of the library’s archives and collections.

She is projected and curated in Museum of Turkısh and Islamıc Arts istanbul of 2019 Ramart Platform.

Founder of Beste Gürsu International Art Consultancy. It provides artistic consultancy services to artists with its corporate and personal collections in international platforms and continues to develop interdisciplinary artistic projects.

Selection of project & exhibitions …

2020 February
Recep Çiftçi ‘’Face to the Universe’’ Solo Painting Exhibition Beşiktaş Akaretler 37-39 İstanbul-Turkey
2020 January
Luigi Ballarin ‘’Magnificent Cultures ‘’ Solo Painting Exhibition Katara Cultural Village Doha –Qatar
2020 December
Luigi Ballarin ‘’One Way’’ Solo Painting Exhibition Beyoğlu Munıcaplty Art Gallery İstanbul – Turkey

2019 October
Asaf Erdemli & Cem Özkan & Rıfat Koçak Souq Wakif Scrap Exhibition Doha – Qatar
2019 October
Emrah Yücel ‘’Hakikat’’ Solo Calligraphy Exhibition Sakarya Culture Center – Adapazarı – Turkey
2019 July
Almin Zrno ‘’Mother Of Srebrenica’’ Taksim Square İstanbul – Turkey
2019 May
Ramart Platform ‘’Fecr’’ 22 Country 99 Artists Museum Of Turkısh And Islamıc Arts İstanbul – Türkiye
2019 February
Ayten Çağlar ‘’The Horse Is Turk’s Wıngs” Solo Paıntıng Exhıbıtıon Katara Cultural Village Doha – Qatar

2018 September
Fatih Mika ‘’Endless Trust’’ Katara Cultural Village Doha – Qatar
2018 January
Ayten Çağlar ‘’The Horse Is Turk’s Wıngs” Maksem Art Gallery İstanbul – Türkiye

2017 November
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project / Hungary National Museum Budapest – Hungary
2017 October
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project / Dca Museum / Washıngton – Usa

2017 September
Sevim Ersoy ‘’Piri Reis’’ Solo Tıle (Chını) Exhıbıtıon Sur Culture Center Bursa – Türkiye
2017 Agust
Luigi Ballarin ‘Bridge Of West-East’’cavallino Treporti Art Gallery Venice – Italy
2017 July
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project Societa Geografica İtaliana Roma – Italy
2017 May
Mersad Berber ‘’An Allegory Of Bosnıa’’ Solo Painting Exhibition Pera Museum İstanbul – Turkey
2017 April
Fatih Mika ‘’Endless Trust’’ Solo Gravure Exhibition Serbia National Museum Belgrade – Serbia
2017 January
Producer Of ‘’Matraki An Ottoman Star’’ Documentary Film Filming İn Japan – Austria – Turkey

2016 October
Ahmet Yeşil ‘’ Undated Diaries’’ – Solo Painting Exhibition TR Embassy Of Berlın – Germany
2016 October
Neslihan A.Eşin ‘’The Silence And Patience Of The Colors’’ TR. Embassy Of Sarajevo – Bosnıa Herzıgovina
2016 October
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project Headquarter Unesco House Paris – France
2016 October
Abaz Hado’’abagraphy’’retrospective Solo Gravure Exhibition Natıonal Galley Of Tirana – Albania
2016 September
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project Shibuya Cultural Center Tokyo – Japan
2016 June
Young Contemporary Arıst ‘’ Beyond The Tıme’’ Tanzania National Museum Dar As Salaam – Tanzania
2016 May
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project Khm Ephesus Museum Wien – Austria
2016 May
Pera Museum Photography Collection ‘’From Konstantinniye To İstanbul Zagreb-Crotia
2016 April
Abaz Hado ‘’Raın İn Tiran’’ Solo Gravure Exhibition Gallery Art And Life İstanbul – Turkiye
2016 Jan
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project Dolmabahçe Palace Art Gallery İstanbul – Türkiye

2015 November
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project G20 Summıt Antalya – Turkey
2015 November
Edi Rama ‘’ Edi-Tion’’ Retrospektive – Tophane-İ Amire Kültür Merkezi İstanbul – Türkiye
2015 Ocotober
Prof. Devrim Erbil ‘’50 Years İn Academy’’ Tophane-İ Amire Culturecenter İstanbul-Türkiye
2015 Septmber
Sarajevo Art Academy ‘’Images Of Our Tıme’’ Pera Museum İstanbul – Turkey
2015 September
‘’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project Etnographıc Museum Of Belgrade – Serbia
2015 July
Pera Museum Photography Collection Museum Of Scopje – Macedonya
2015 July
15 Young Contemporary Artıst ‘’I Have A Story’’ Pristine Fıne Art Academy Art Gallery – Kosova

2015 May
’16th Century Genıus Matrakci Nasuh’’ Project Vijecnica Cıty Hall Sarajevo – Bosnia Herzigovina
2015 Aprıl
Michael St.Maur Sheil ‘’100.Years Gallıpolı’’ İstanbul Congres Center İstanbul – Türkiye
2015 March
15 Young Turkısh Contemporary Artıst ‘’I Have A Story’’ Ulucg Art Gallery Podgoritsa- Montenegro
2015 January
Pera Museum Photography Collection ‘’From Konstantinniye To İstanbul Fab Gallery Tiran – Albania

2014 November
Ara Güler‘’ A Look Of İstanbul’’ Photo Exhibition Tr Permament Presantation Of Turkey Europena Unıon Art Gallery Brussels – Belgıum
2014 September
Pera Museum Photography Collection ‘’From Konstantinniye To İstanbul ‘Natıonal Gallery Of Sarajevo – Bosnıa Herzigovina

2013 October
With 90 Contemporary Artist Public Days Tr Embassy Of Berlın – Germany
2013 May
‘’Dynamıc Prıncıples’’ Contemporaray Arts Comtemporary Art Museum Constanza – Romanıa
2013 March
Timurtaş Onan ‘’Lıght And Shadow In Istanbul’’ Place Guillaume – Luxembourg

2012 September
Ara Güler ‘’A Look Of İstanbul’’’ – St.Petri Kirsche Dortmund – Germany

2011 October
Horst Hamann & Timurtaş Onan ‘’Mannheim-İstanbul’’ Stad Gallery Mannheım – Germany

2 0 1 0 October
Gallery Art&Life – Contemporary Art Fair İstanbul – Turkey

2009 October
86 Contemporary Artıst ‘’Republıc Days Turkey’ İstanbul Metropolıtan Munıcıpalty Maksem Art Gallery İstanbul – Turkey
2009 October
Gallery Art&Life – Contemporary Art Fair İstanbul – Turkey
2009 June
Muammer Bozkurt ‘’Bosphorus’’ The Marmara Manhattan Art Gallery Newyork – Usa

2 0 0 8 November
Gallery Art&Life – Art Asia Fair Miami – USA