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The borders of the universe can not be discovered. Universe, since the existence of the human being, contains both physical and spiritual aspects. Brain of the human, can not understand how big and wide with the endless relativity, the universe is.

Human is like a seed which was dropped to the earth. The mysterious cover of the earth and all the living beings on it, by bringing the human to the being within its the water and the air; driving the human and the nature into an inseparable whole, meanwhile it fulfils the human with the enriched meaning by contemplation like a pray.

Mind, can see the reality by various methodologies and searches. Science and art are few of those efforts. The mission of the art is to gain the objective knowledge of the reality just like science. Gaining value of art and science is a way of awakening of a human, living in a community.  While art comprehends the reality in a solid form, science does this by the concepts.

Art, begins in the universe by the existence of the human beings. Enduring its relation with the universe, human being can exist unless it breaks off the nutritious connections in order to produce.

Art in the core of interiors, answers different needs for the ages. Human kind, attached different roles in its own stages, with these roles art was diversified, parallel to the development of the communities, art has new functions with the approaches of the artists.

Assuming that every human being has a unique understanding of life, according to the philosophy of the artists, the perception, interpretation, the expectations and the reflections of the facts and cases of him, are the active expressions of artistic acts. This act is the will of the reality as a human being and the questioning of the value of this will.

Raffaele Miliani, with the  New Platonist approach, explaining effects of the religious and meta-physic aspects of the universe and the sky to the art, handles the sky figure as one of the aesthetic judgments and categories within  dignity. This giant blue-colored sphere is a phenomenon that describes the infinity in art and philosophy, within all the religious and metaphoric explanations of a divine dome which is made of a pure day.

Artist Recep Çiftci, reflects a dominant portrait shaped by the imaginary glitz of the universe to his canvas.   The main factor that the artist transforms the “Portrait of the Universe” to the art is the peace of the spirit and the life. The presence of all moral, aesthetic and intellectual values that creates his internal wealth reflects on his work. Abstracts shaped on the descriptions of the voice and the portrait of the universe, containing all the objects and the livings, are reflected by shapes and spots to the surface.

The layers integrated with the voices of the universe are formed by the interpretations on the portrait of the universe. The seen harmony of the solid reflections of the emotional aesthetics within the abstract is the main structure of the core.

The “portrait” in his compositions is not just a memorial copy of perception of emotions or the forms of an object, but it the form of his prosperity in his spirit.  The most important values in artist’s compositions are the dignity of the universe and the fundamental vital element of the universe.

Recep Çiftci’s tone in his compositions, is an answer to the emotions and to the voice of universe by eliminating the negative facts within the pleasure of containing everything that our eyes can see.

Beste Gürsu / Curator