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The Silence And Patience Colors

“Point laces”, one of the most important benchmarks of Anatolian folk arts, giving meaning to the Anatolian culture identity, witnessing the civilizations it nestles, reflecting the important specimens of our traditional handicrafts.

The Anatolian woman has told us her happiness, sorrows, hopes, her life in the point laces she has embroidered stich by stitch in patience. The woman of Anatolia sometimes keeps silent. And when she starts to remain silent, she reveals her taste, intelligence, grace and creativity with point lace. She expresses the Taurus Mountains with green, the bride’s henna and excitement with red, her loyalty with white, her sadness with yellow, and sorrow and passion with purple point lace. The Anatolian woman does not speak; her tongue is company to her hand as she adds stitch after stitch… sings folk songs.

“My kerchief with point lace tips

I cannot climb hills

Take my greetings to my beloved

The birds of seven mounts”


As a consequence of the negative impacts of modernization, unfortunately the interest in point lace has decreased. It is therefore necessary to create different platforms and forces of attraction with the main motifs and materials in order to revive these values that document out nation’s cultural personality.

In her recent period works, artist Neslihan Aydınlıoğlu Eşin has combined the main elements that emerge to the forefront in the delicate details of point lace with contemporary arts and optimized the color exuberance and aesthetics of this valuable folk art. Emphasizing imagination and fantastic harmony with her art, she has transferred onto her canvases the elegance of this tradition that was highly favored in Anatolia for thousands of years, by the colorfulness, collages and printing techniques she has used. In her works, she has intended to display the wealth of Anatolia, the uniqueness, abstractness and interactions of the tradition. The crochet, needle, shuttle, pin, bead, sequin, etc. point laces she has used in her works, some of which she has personally embroidered, have formed the main theme of her works and have added different wealth and aesthetics.

She has built villages made of point lace on her canvases. The green point lace has been the forests swinging the breeze in the trees; point lace has sometimes been the yellowing ears on fields sown with point lace and sometimes the sun of Artist Neslihan Aydınlıoğlu Eşin. Her works where she blends the wealth of Anatolian culture with contemporary arts will be transferred over to international platforms and different cultures.